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Are you tired of the daily grind of the 9 to 5 work life? We focus on bringing you the latest gadgets and technology to help you live your best life while working. From in-depth content to top tips on how to succeed in this niche, we’ve got you covered. Join us and make the most of your 9 to 5! 

It is important to us to give you, the reader of my blog, ideas and inspiration for new articles, exciting gadgets and technology to make your day easier. It isn’t enough to just inform; our posts strive to be interesting, entertaining and complemented with compelling, high-quality media.

The goal of 9to5stuff is to suggest what you should focus on. No matter if you’re looking for essential household items or thoughtful presents for friends and family, we are used to write about it provide you more insights and informations.


Reviewers are never paid for reviews, but we often receive free temporary or permanent review units and complementary instruction on usage. We only run reviews of stuff (hardware, software, and gadgets) that we deem interesting to our audience and worth looking at. This is the reason you don’t often see poor reviews on my site: If we review something we don’t like or find interesting, we usually won’t post it. We don’t want to waste your time.

Feel free to contact us if you do not agree with our review content.


Instructions on how to do something – How-to’s are a type of content that is popular on the internet. They are articles that provide detailed instructions on how to do something.

A number of different types of how-to’s exist, such as cooking, fitness, home repair, and beauty tips. We are writing about interesting How-To articles, especially about technology and the usage of gadgets.

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We use affiliate links whenever possible; 9to5stuff run software that adds affiliate tags to any outside linking as a revenue-generating mechanism. You support us at 95otstuff.com by using our links to buy products without having any costs on your side.

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